Dear Friends! On December 26, 2019, a significant event for the entire financial market of the republic and foreign investors took place on the currency market of the Uzbek Republican Currency Exchange (UzRCE) - trading in currency swaps started.

The first currency swap transaction was concluded between Asaka JSCB and Hamkorbank JSCB on an automated trading and settlement platform updated by UzRVB specialists.

Currency swap transactions are a combination of two opposite currency exchange operation for the same amount, with different value dates and are used to:

- exchange rate risk hedging;

- financing of liabilities secured by currency funds;

- placement of free liquidity in soums at effective rates close to the interbank money market secured by highly liquid collateral (no credit risk);

- effective and dynamic management of the structure of assets and liabilities.

In addition, a currency swap is an interesting and popular instrument that allows you to earn on exchange rate differences.