Information on the activities of the Uzbek Republican currency exchange

  In pursuance of the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from November 22, 1991 № 297 “On measures on organization of the free purchase and sale of foreign currency and the expansion of trade for hard currency in the Republic of Uzbekistan” and resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of 29 February 1992, No. 66 — f, in order to protect the economic interests of the Republic and rapid response to the conjuncture of the internal and external foreign exchange market, may 12, 1992 was established, the Uzbek Republican currency exchange.

The purpose of the activity of the UZRCE is to ensure the organization and conduct of exchange trading in the foreign exchange market, government securities market, derivatives and money market.

The main directions of the activity of the  UZRCE are:

  • organizing and conducting interbank trading in buying and selling foreign currencies, settlements in national and foreign currencies at the end of trading;
  • the establishment at the end of trading of the national currency to foreign currencies;
  • organization and conduct of trading, the implementation of clearing and settlement and Depository activities for government securities;
  • organization and conduct of trading with financial derivatives;
  • organizing and conducting interbank trading in the money market;
  • organization of settlement and clearing services for exchange trading participants in national and foreign currencies;
  • development mandatory for members of the UZRCE rules of trading, as well as model contracts and standard forms of documents for registration of transactions;
  • maintaining a high level of professional qualifications of trading participants;
  • providing of trading participants with relevant information and information, providing them with the necessary advisory and other services;
  • Development and implementation of software and automated systems for the organization and conduct of exchange trading and to settlement.