Mission and goals of activity

Our mission

Contributing to stable growth and restructuring of the country's economy by expanding the possibilities of exchange trading and forming on its basis a reliable, transparent and innovative exchange market for the development of a favorable investment environment 

Our goal

Creation of conditions for the further development of exchange trading, ensuring an increase in the volume and liquidity of the exchange market, as well as assisting the regulator in achieving the goals of monetary and foreign exchange policy through the introduction of high-tech infrastructure and diversification of exchange products

The main objectives of UZCE:

  • ensuring the organization and ordering of the commodity market and the formation of prices for commodities based on supply and demand;
  • making a profit from financial and economic activities as a commercial organization, in the interests of the Exchange and its shareholders;
  • creating equal conditions for participation in exchange trading for all trading participants, ensuring freedom of pricing and transparency of exchange trading;
  • development of the Exchange infrastructure to ensure efficient and reliable service for trading participants.

 To achieve its goals, UZCE carries out the following types (areas) of activities and services:

  • organization and conduct of exchange trading, as well as the interbank money market, credit and deposit auctions of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan with commercial banks;
  • custody of government securities and registration of rights to them;
  • clearing and settlement of exchange transactions in national and foreign currencies;
  • quotation (price determination) of exchange commodities based on the ratio of their supply and demand, determination of the exchange rate of the national currency against foreign currencies at foreign exchange auctions;
  • formation of indicators of the exchange market and their regular (at least once a week) posting them on the official website of the Exchange;
  • development of compulsory exchange trading rules for the Exchange members, as well as standard contracts and standard forms of documents for registration of concluded transactions;
  • creation of conditions for maintaining a high level of professional qualifications of employees of Exchange members (traders);
  • providing participants in exchange trading with relevant information on the results of each exchange trading, providing them with the necessary advisory and other types of services;
  • development and implementation of software and automated systems related to the activities of the Exchange;
  • carrying out other types of activities in accordance with the established procedure in accordance with the legislation.