About UZCE

“Uzbek Republican Currency Exchange” JSC (UZCE) was established on May 12, 1992 in pursuance of the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated November 22, 1991 No.297 "On measures to organize free purchase and sale of foreign currency and expand trade for freely convertible currency in the Republic of Uzbekistan », and the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of February 29, 1992 No. 66-f, in order to ensure the protection of the economic interests of the republic, prompt response to the situation in the internal and external foreign exchange markets.

UZCE is the only multifunctional exchange in the republic - the organizer of exchange trading for the purchase and sale of foreign currency, government securities, financial derivatives (derivatives) and other exchange transactions related to them, as well as the interbank money market, credit and deposit auctions of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan with commercial banks.

In order to provide additional trading opportunities for participants in the exchange currency market and the government securities market, UZCE introduced exchange trading mechanisms with such instruments as currency swaps and direct and inter-dealer REPO transactions with government securities.

Integration of different markets on one trading platform is a unique competitive advantage of UZCE and allows the participants of the exchange market to effectively manage their investments.

In addition, the provision of post-trading services by a separate structural unit of UZCE itself ensures the speed and reliability of their implementation.

At present, UZCE’s post-trading services are represented by the following areas: clearing and settlement, as well as custody of government securities and registration of rights to them.

UZCE's clearing system allows collecting, processing and recording information on transactions concluded in UZCE's trading system, as well as clearing positions with financial instruments by trading participants and financial instruments.

Trading is carried out on the basis of unique trading and software complexes that allow carrying out the main activities with a reliable level of security. UZCE on a regular basis carries out work on the modernization of the systems used and the introduction of modern information products in accordance with international standards on organizing trades with financial instruments.