Services for the organization and development of trades:

1. Organization and conduct of exchange trading with foreign currency, the interbank money market, deposit operations between the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan and commercial banks and operations with government securities.
2. Provision of software and maintenance of their technical parameters.
3. Creation of conditions for dealers to conduct transactions on various exchange segments through the trading hall or directly through the workplaces of traders using remote trading terminals.
4. Provision of services for settlement services of exchange transactions.
5. Creation of conditions for maintaining a high level of professional qualifications of traders and other employees of the dealer through regular consultations and training seminars using software systems and technical means of the trading system;
6. Providing trading participants with relevant information about the results of each trading.
7. Provision of information (about exchange commodities and financial instruments, their cost and conditions of circulation).

Services for the custody of securities and accounting of rights to government securities (GS):

1. Opening and maintaining separate depo accounts for each dealer and their investors in the trading system.
2. Maintenance of depo accounts of dealers separately for each GS issue.
3. Crediting of GS on the depo accounts of the dealer and investor based on the results of the primary placement or secondary trading.
4. Execution of operations on depo accounts based on the results of concluded transactions in the trading system.
5. Provision of statements of depo accounts based on the results of transactions performed in the trading system.
6. Carrying out transfers of the dealer's GS in accordance with the depo order without concluding an investor's purchase and sale transaction.
7. Blocking and unblocking government securities under pledge agreements.
8. Inclusion of GS, on the basis of the submitted depo order, in the dealer and investor accounts in the section “Blocked under REPO transactions”.
9. Crediting to the section “Blocked under REPO transactions” to the depo account of the dealer-buyer based on the results of REPO transactions with government securities.
10. Provision of relevant statements on the status of the dealer's or investor's custody account based on the results of transactions.

Services provided for carrying out settlement and clearing operations on trades:

1. Opening separate personal accounts for dealers in soums and foreign currency for various segments of UZCE.
2. Keeping records of registered dealer transactions in the trading system for buying / selling for all UZCE segments.
3. Carrying out clearing on the dealer's net position in soums and foreign currency arising within one trading session.
4. Carrying out cash settlements on the dealer's net position, which arose as a result of trading in soums and foreign currency.
5. Providing dealers with extracts from their personal accounts.