Development strategy of UZCE for 2019-2023

The corporate mission recognizes the promotion of stable growth and restructuring of the country's economy by expanding the possibilities of exchange trading and forming on its basis a reliable, transparent and innovative exchange market for the development of a favorable investment environment.

The strategic goal of UZCE is to create conditions for the further development of exchange trading, ensuring an increase in the volume and liquidity of the exchange market, as well as helping the regulator to achieve the goals of monetary and foreign exchange policy through the introduction of high-tech infrastructure and diversification of exchange products.

The corporate mission and strategic goals of UZCE for 2019 - 2023 are determined taking into account the potential opportunities, external and internal threats for the further growth of the business as a whole, as well as based on the understanding of the need to further develop UZCE's activities by introducing modern methods of corporate governance, advanced exchange mechanisms and information -communication technologies.

As part of the direction of development of exchange trading, further diversification of exchange markets is envisaged, including the expansion of exchange instruments, the organization of trades in the foreign exchange market with various types of currencies, the conduct of trades in the securities sector with various types of securities, the development and implementation of derivative financial instruments.

In addition, it is envisaged to introduce and develop the institution of market - making in all exchange markets, as the main participant in exchange trading.

Particular attention in the Strategy is paid to measures to introduce advanced generally accepted methods of conducting exchange trading into exchange practice, to develop algorithms and mechanisms for determining exchange indicators.

In the near future, issues of launching the over-the-counter (OTC) market will be considered as an alternative and reserve trading platform based, among other things, on electronic trading platforms of such well-known world brands as Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg.

Among the strategic objectives of UZCE for the medium term, within the framework of the Strategy, there is also the development of post-trading services, the creation of a clearing house with the formation of a legal entity with the status of a central counterparty both on the exchange and over-the-counter markets, as well as the formation of a unified collateral pool and maintaining unified positions of participants in the process of servicing them on all exchange segments.

When implementing initiatives to improve the exchange infrastructure, UZCE will take measures to further automate business processes and exchange trading, as well as to develop remote trading.

The phased implementation of initiatives on the specified key priorities of the strategy will contribute to the development of the exchange market, increase the availability of UZCE services for a wide range of financial market participants, will allow introducing best practices and maintaining the high efficiency of the business model for UZCE.