Only members included in the members’ register of UZCE in accordance with Regulation on membership in UZCE, as well as those who have fulfilled the following requirements, can be allowed to participate in trades:

  • provision in the prescribed manner and volume of documents required for participation in the trading system;
  • submission of a copy of the contract for settlement services of special accounts for settlements on exchange trading, concluded with the Settlement and Cash Center of the Main Department of the Central Bank in Tashkent city;
  • conclusion of an agreement on participation in the exchange trading system of the respective assigned category;
  • providing a list of traders eligible to participate in trades in the relevant category;
  • provide a list of special accounts for settlement of exchange trades;
  • for UZCE members of category "B" - conclusion of an agreement and (or) General agreement with the Central Bank to perform functions of servicing transactions with government securities as a dealer;
  • for UZCE’s members traders - a trader's certificate certifying the fact of completing training in special courses, as well as practice at the UzRCE.

After UZCE member fulfills all the requirements of this section, UZCE member is registered in the Trading System and an identification code is assigned.

The trader of UZCE member has the right to participate in trading on behalf of UZCE member.

A trader is allowed to participate in trades in accordance with the internal documents of UZCE.