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Special Requirements


Head of Internal Audit

1.  Knowledge of Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) at the advanced user level.

2.     Internal Audit Service Management;

3. Implementation of scheduled and unscheduled audits of financial and economic activities and analysis of results;

4.     Participation in command investigations;

5. Monitoring of plans to eliminate deficiencies and violations identified in the course of inspections;

6. Control over the implementation of procedures related to the financial and economic activities of the Company, analysis of the results of these activities;

7. Control over the observance of financial discipline of the Company and implementation of decisions of the management bodies of the Company;

8. Organization of control over the compliance of internal documents and decisions of the Company's management bodies with financial and economic interests;

9. Work experience (including part-time work) in the field of accounting, audit, financial or tax control for at least three years out of the last ten.

Degree in Economics or Finance.

1. Experience in conducting internal/external audits of business processes;

2. Knowledge of International Standards on Auditing (ISA), International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and generally recognized methodologies in the field of internal control and assessment of the effectiveness of business processes;

3. Availability of a valid internal auditor certificate;

4. Ability to effectively negotiate, arguably defend his/her point of view;

5.     Ability to work in a team;

6.    Knowledge of English language.



Exchange market analyst

1. Knowledge of Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) at the advanced user level.

2.   Knowledge of foreign as well as domestic financial and exchange markets.

3. Experience in working with instruments of stock, derivatives and foreign exchange markets.

4.   Ability to work with large amounts of data.

5.  Ability to prepare presentations on issues related to the provision and promotion of exchange market information.

6.  Organization of work on the collection, processing of exchange market data and preparation of analytical reports and reviews on their basis.

7.  Ability to prepare analytical reports on the financial and exchange results of the organization's activities, as well as forecasts for the Exchange's income for the future.

8. Work experience in the finance or banking for at least 3 years.

Degree in Economics or Finance.

1. Strong analytical skills.

2.  Perseverance and attention to detail.

3. Excellent oral and writing skills.

4. Knowledge of foreign languages.