A meeting with representatives of investment company «Freedom Finance»

On May 19, 2021 in Uzbek Republican Currency Exchange a meeting was held with the delegation of investment company «Freedom Finance» headed by the Chairman of the Board Mr. Lukyanov Sergey Nikolaevich.

During the meeting the delegation of the company “Freedom Finance” was also represented by Mr. Agdavletov Timur Serikovich - Managing Director of JSC «Bank Freedom Finance Kazakhstan», Mr. Popov Roman Leonidovich - Managing Director of Life insurance company «Freedom Finance Life», Mr. Babaev Bakhtiyor Babanovich - General director FC «Freedom Finance», Mr. Mozheyko Evgeniy Vasilyevich – Executive Director FC «Freedom Finance».

After brief overview of the current activity and strategical medium-term plans the parties passed on to discussing the issues of mutually beneficial cooperation.

There was an exchange of views regarding the further development of securities market, expanding the line of exchange products of UZCE on the account of introducing new exchange instruments, and the issue of «Freedom Finance» company’s participation in other UZCE’s exchange markets was also considered.

The Management of UZCE expressed its readiness to strengthening bilateral cooperation and to providing assistance for developing its activities on UZCE markets aimed at increasing the trade volume and expanding the line of exchange products.

The parties agreed upon the view that activization of «Freedom Finance» company’s activity on UZCE markets will entail an additional dynamic to the development of the domestic exchange market.

The parties agreed to proceed with the gradual development of mutually beneficial relations within the framework of implementing the Development Strategy of the capital market of the Republic of Uzbekistan.