Meeting with delegation of the investment company «Mosaic Financial Ltd.» (USA)

On June 8, 2021 a meeting between the management of Uzbek Republican Currency Exchange (UZCE) and the delegation of the investment company «Mosaic Financial Ltd.» headed by the CEO of the company Mr. Robert Jensen was held.

Also the following people took part in the meeting - Director of business development in CIS and Central Asia of “Mosaic Financial Ltd.” – Mr. Sergey Zamaschikov and the Director of “Portfolio Investments Ltd.” – Mr. Munir Yakubov.

The meeting started from a brief presentation made by Mr. Jensen about the activity of the company «Mosaic Financial Ltd.», founded in 1983 and headquartered in Uta state (USA) and engaged in providing brokerage services on international financial markets, attracting investments into economies of emerging countries and also providing fintech services.

The delegation of the investment company made a short presentation of the IT platform based on blockchain technologies, which allows to carry out all types of exchange transactions, including transactions with foreign currency, securities, financial derivatives, as well as transactions with cryptocurrency.

Mr. Jensen also noted that in March 2021, FE “Mosaic Financial” LLC received a license to provide services of an investment intermediary and trustee of investment assets in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

During the meeting, Director General of UZCE - Mr. Usmanov made a brief overview of the current status of UZCE’s development and also shared with perspective strategic development plans, including creating of futures markets, founding a central counterparty at the UZCE and further development of IT solutions and software products of UZCE.

The parties also discussed the issues of bilateral mutually beneficial cooperation, including the issues of arranging mutual exchange of experience in the area of working out and developing of technological platforms and the issues of «Mosaic Financial Ltd.» companies’ participation on UZCE exchange markets.

The management of UZCE expressed its readiness to provide assistance in the issue of starting activities of the investment company «Mosaic Financial Ltd.» on UZCE markets.

In conclusion, the parties agreed to proceed with the discussion of further cooperation during future meetings.